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1) Do I have to sign a Contract? 
In order to provide the highest value for you and your child, it is important that we have a signed agreement before I handle your case.  That will allow me to best represent you, have access to the necessary records, and give your child the maximum advantage. 
2) Do you guarantee you will win our case?
I guarantee that I will advocate fully for your child's educational needs and seek all possible resolutions for the best case scenario. I will use my experiences, resources, and relationships in the area to get the appropriate education for your child.  That being said, I cannot guarantee that your case will end up with the result you desire.   
3) How many hours will my case require?
Each and every case is often unique and can present its own challenges.  These cases can range from a simple 1 - 2 hour consultation to 20 hours or more of preparation, meetings, and research for the best outcome.
4) How much do your services normally cost?
The fees can range depending on the time required for your case. That said, my fee is $100 per hour.  I also cannot just "come to an IEP" meeting last minute to represent you without having completed a file review of your child.  
5) Are you a lawyer?
No.  I am a Special Education Advocate.  While I can help you navigate the extremely complex special education environment, my advice in no way can be construed as legal advice.  I cannot represent you or your child as legal counsel in a lawsuit or federal court.  I work with attorney's in Special Education Law and will collaborate with them if need for your case.